Free Baby Samples

Free Baby Samples

Choose the category you would like to receive free baby samples and give us your opinion about your experience in caring for your newborn.

Here you can not only register to receive this benefit, but also see all the baby products you could receive for free at home.

Free samples of Baby products you can choose from:

Free Baby Layette Samples
Free Baby Layette Samples
Baby Hamper
Free samples of Nappies and Baby Wipes
Free samples of Nappies and Baby Wipes
Pampers, Huggies Unistar, Huggies Pure
Free Samples of Baby Bath products
Free Samples of Baby Bath products
Burt's Bees Baby Bee, Johnson´s, Aveeno Baby, Kokoso Baby
Free Baby Accessories Samples
Free Baby Accessories Samples
Alarm clocks, Hammocks, Care sets, Thermometers, Baby bottles

What products will you find here?

Babies need a lot of attention and care in every aspect of their lives, because they are totally dependent on you. There are specific products and accessories for each of these aspects, which is why they are subdivided into all these categories:


Surely you can't imagine the diversity of nappies available on the market with different shapes, motifs, purposes, smells, materials and age range. In the section you will be able to visualize all this diversity, ranging from the smallest for newborns to children between 5 and 7 years old.

With this free trial section you will be able to receive at home a package of those that seem most suitable for your child.


Another of the most used items all over the world are wipes, as babies tend to get dirty very often. In this section you can find all kinds of wet wipes, dry wipes, scented wipes, hypoallergenic wipes, cloth wipes, gauze wipes and more.

The variety available even includes the possibility of receiving boxes of more or less wipes so that you can be sure to have a very good test before giving your opinion or making a purchase.

Bathroom Articles

During bath time, your little one not only gets a full-body cleanse, but also shares with you a moment of closeness, care and well-being. That's why it's important to have the right products to make them feel comfortable, free of allergies and properly refreshed.

In the category of gift samples of baby bath products you can access different shampoos, soaps, shower gels, colognes and body creams.


There are also many baby accessories on the market. In this category you can find all kinds of bottles, bottles, teats, soothers, plates, feeders and other products to help you with your baby's feeding.

You'll also see items for their comfort, such as bouncers, rear-view mirrors, swim nappies and bibs; and products to help you care for them more efficiently, such as containers, hygiene packs, alarm clocks, lamps, travel bags, thermometers and more.

Featured Samples this week:

How to receive free samples for babies?

  • First, select the category of the product you want to receive.
  • Choose the items you would like to receive free samples of, such as diapers, wipes, baby food, bottles, shampoo, baby bouncers, etc...
  • Tell us about your experience with certain situations and baby items.
  • Follow the steps to receive the free samples for baby at your home.
  • When the survey entries are completed, the free samples will be delivered to your home.
  • Participants who receive the gifts will be asked to fill out a survey about the product received.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best baby diapers?

As for the best baby diapers, you have to keep in mind that not all are equally absorbent, comfortable, flexible, soft, etc. so you cannot go wrong in your choice. The most important thing is that the baby feels comfortable and that the diapers do not cause skin irritations, allergies or unnecessary chafing in the navel or groin.

We have made a list of things to consider when choosing the best diaper:

  • It has to be of super-fast absorption, to avoid the contact of urine with the skin as much as possible and thus avoid irritations.
  • It must be breathable, i.e., it must allow air to circulate to keep the baby's bottom fresh and dry at all times.
  • The surface should be soft to the touch, as it will spend a lot of time in contact with the skin and will prevent chafing and eczema.
  • The materials used in the diaper must be dermatologically tested to avoid possible irritations or allergies.
  • Check that it has anti-leakage barriers or reinforcement over the groin area to prevent pee from escaping.
  • The reinforcements of the diapers should be elastic, so as not to limit the movements of the little ones and to allow them easy mobility.
  • The adhesives for fastening must be resistant, allowing us to peel and stick the strips more than once without breaking.

What are the best brands of baby diapers?

Although there are many brands on the market today, we have highlighted these top 10 brand MODELS:

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