The organising company is ALDANITI INTERNATIONAL NETWORK LTD, with Company tax number UK947013039, registered office at Regus Falcon Drive, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 4RU, UK, and the telephone number +34 965534670. The draws are exclusively for individuals over the age of 18 residing in Great Britain or who can prove they have British citizenship.

Participation in the draws shall not entail any financial compensation. To participate it is only necessary for the participant to sign up correctly using our registration form, filling in all the required fields truthfully that are included in said form. A user's participation will not be valid if false, inaccurate or incomplete data has been given. To accredit that this is the case, the user must provide an ID or Passport.

The products are organised on the website according to categories. Within each category there is a given number of products for which the user can give their opinion. The number of required participations/opinions in each category in order to be able to carry out the product draw is stated with "Available P.", which counts the number of  participations registered in each category"Available P.: 100/100, Available P. 99/100…….Available P. 2/100, Available P. 1/100”.

The user can provide as many opinions on products as they wish, but will only obtain one participation in each of the draws.

Once the pre-established number of participations is reached in each category, the product draw will take place. The winner will be given the product they gave their opinion on. In the case where the winner has given their opinion on a number of products in the same category, they will be given the last product they gave their opinion on as a prize. Under no circumstances can the prize be exchanged for money.

Once the draws take place, the participation counter will reset to 0.

Example: The category "Oils, vinegars and dressings" is comprised of 3 products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.  For this category a total of 100 participations has been set. When Available P. hits 0/100 the draw takes place for the products in this category. If I have given my opinion on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I am the winner of the draw, this is the product I receive as a prize. If I gave my opinion on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the next day I gave an opinion on the Balsamic Vinegar, this will be the product I receive.

If for some reason a category does not reach the set minimum number of participations, the draw will occur in the month of the start date for the draw for that category of obtained participations.

The monthly budget for prizes is 5,000 euros.

The prize will consist of the delivery of the selected product to the participant. We will contact the winner by phone. If after 24 hours of trying to locate the winner this has not been possible, the prize will be delivered to another participant that becomes the new winner and so on, up to three attempts. In the case of not being able to deliver the prize to neither the winner, nor the three reserve winners, the prize will be declared void.

The winner or reserve winner who has not been located or has not met ALDANITI's requirements, will not be able to claim the prize, with the understanding that they have refused to accept it. 

The participants of the draws who are awarded prizes expressly authorise ALDANITI to use and disseminate their personal information in order to communicate the result of the draw to the rest of the participants as well as to promote new draws that ALDANITI could hold at any time. Communication and dissemination of their personal information will be done through the publication of it on the websites ALDANITI deems appropriate, as well as on its social networking profiles, and/or through sending e-mails or any type of advertising communication.